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  1. Don’t sleep with anything in your pockets. Having things in your pockets creates a slightly elevated hip which leads to a host of other physical problems down the line.
  2. Keep your spine straight and up right. This does so many beneficial things such as creating a better mood, keeping your spine in check, and giving your organs space to thrive.
  3. Keep your shoulders back and do shoulder strength exercises. Most of the people who I treat have problems with their shoulders. This happens for so many reasons such as working on their phone or computer, driving, or writing. In addition to this most workout focus on the chest area. Making the shoulders tighten and come towards the chest.
  4. Workout to balance muscles. This is very important when it comes to muscle imbalances. Most of the time when we feel tightness around a muscle it is because the opposing muscle is over or under worked. The best thing to do is match the strength you have in each muscle.

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