Our Services

First you get too choose your own aroma blend. Then the type of work you want completed. Then a complementary add on of your choice Free of charge.

Lavender Oil

This is perfect for a deep feeling of relaxation. Perfect for a Swedish massage, or getting deeper muscles in Deep Tissue

aroma therapy option

Peppermint Blend

Very nice for being more attentive. If you have more things to do after your massage this helps a lot for keeping up with fun filled days.


Perfect for clearing your congestion. If you feel that you need a better breath and revitalizing your body. 

Sunflower Blend

This helps sooth the skin and adds too natural immunity. Definitely helps with skin that dry’s out frequently.


Best for realigning what might be out of place in your body. We have an acupuncturist on select days. So please schedule in advanced Mahalo.

Deep Tissue

Best for aches and pains from flying or being couped up for too long. This style helps release muscle tension from all over the body. It is suited best for people who are comfortable with deep pressure.

Trigger Point Therapy

Finding the nerves that need your help. This style of Massage Therapy alleviates the nervous system. Very beneficial in cases of sciatica or general nerve pain.


Amazing for people who desire a lighter touch. This modality is centered around relaxation, and wellbeing. Absolutely suited for a first time massage.


Reflexology deals with the nerve ending of different organs and muscles of the body. This is a very effective way of soothing nerve endings.


Best for getting muscles too relax in an effective way. This doesn’t have an psychoactive effect like thc, cbd helps sooth a variety of different health aliments.

Hot Stones

This is a great way to relax and unwind. Since we have air conditioning you won’t feel overwhelmed by this practice.


Perfect for athletes or when you are building muscles. We can either go along the nervous system or work specifically on muscles to make them stronger.