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Here are a few tips to help when you are finished with your massage.

  1. Strech- Stretching helps in so many ways. During massage the muscle spindle fibers relaxed but unorganized. By doing basic stretches found in yoga or before a workout, you can have your massage last weeks longer!
  2. Water- Drink lots of water. Carrying all the waste that is in your muscles out of your body takes tons of energy and water. Make sure to replenish your body too feel amazing as the day continues.
  3. Rest- Take it easy for the next day. Massage can be very good to help build muscle but working out after a massage can lead to more knots and tension. Aswell have a good night sleep to let your body repair itself.
  4. Workout- Tailor your workouts to accommodate your tense muscles. One of the main problems I treat is tension around the scapula. This can be caused by driving, using your phone, or computer. This brings the shoulder in and puts tension on the scapula. In your normal routine if you notice your shoulders are coming in a bit too much doing “Scapula Pushups” help a great deal in my opinion.
  5. Posture- Keep your shoulders back, and your spine straight up, do not sleep with anything in your pockets. If you do this, it helps promote a neutral spine and hips.


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